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We build Villas Macondo in 2001 and  run the place since then with all our heart and soul. Originally from Germany I decided after working and travelling all over the world that Costa Rica is the place to be. After two years working as a manager in a big hotel at Playa Tamarindo I made up my mind to do my own project - all at once realizing a long tended dream. Villas Macondo is therewith a mixture of all impressions and influences of my travelling.

My wife Alicia is a professional dentist, her clinic is located in Tamarindo. Check her out for cleaning, whitening or any dental work and she also owns a hair and nail shop!

We look forward to welcome you at Villas Macondo!



Write to us at or simply complete this form below and we will contact you:

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"life is holiday"
​Thomas Rösch is the owner and manager of Villas Macondo

Thomas Rösch

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